Timing the postmortems

In Many-to-Many: Exiting Deanspace, Clay Shirky begins

I wanted to wait ’til today’s polls opened to post this, because I wanted it to be a post-mortem and not a vivisection…..






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  1. Pete Avatar

    Wow. Important piece. The key quote is about halfway down, but almost all of the essay feels pertinent and accurate:
    “We were right to be excited about this MeetUp, but wrong about the reason, because MeetUp was founded to lower the coordination costs of real world gatherings. … Prior to MeetUp, getting 300 people to turn out would have meant a huge and latent population of Dean supporters, but because MeetUp makes it easier to gather the faithful, it confused us into thinking that we were seeing an increase in Dean support, rather than a decrease in the hassle of organizing groups.”