To err is Truman

Dave Winer is annoyed about journalists mangling his web address.
I know how he feels. I’m still sort of annoyed that none of the blogs I’m covering the convention for are included in Dave’s aggregrator.
I don’t believe – as Liza suggested in a comment elsewhere – that this is a deliberate oversight. It’s a mistake. A mistake that depresses my readership numbers and represents something of a missed opportunity, but no doubt an honest mistake nonetheless.
Bloggers and journalists do have a number of things in common. They make mistakes, they trust sources without checking them or updating them when they change. They get distracted. They set priorities about what is important enough to warrant a share of their divided attention and what isn’t. We’re sisters under the skin.
Also, like the 15,000 journalists here reporting on the nonstory, I came here primarily to further my career and elevate my status in the world of opinion and influence.
I used to live in a room full of mirrors. Pot. Kettle. Black.