Who has the photos from Meze?

Wow, the D triple C and SpeakerPelosi.com really put on the dog for us bloggers. A great restaurant. VIP treatment (meaning, open bar for bloggers). Good music. Pretty decent swag. Most of all good company based around a core of people who are sharing a bonding experience, a kind of trial by fire. I tell you, if I do this again next time it will be much easier. The first time doing anything is always hard, but it’s important to do hard things, to be willing to try and fail and make mistakes in public. Elsewise, how will you grow.
Now, where are the photos? I loved the Atrios nametags most people were sporting. I met E.J. Dionne (wow!), and Eric Alterman (eh!). I met Trippi and Granny D, two heroes of mine.
Standing around outside the restaurant after 2 am trying to figure out where to go next, I noticed another dirty little secret about bloggers: Bloggers smoke! (Well, not all of them/us, of course – mainly the young ones who haven’t experienced creeping mortality yet.)
How come Matt Gross and Matt Stoller won the iPods? That’s it, I’m changing my name to Matt.
Did the DNC really fire Stoller from their blog for posting a pre-speech “where’s the beef?” entry at BOPnews? For reals? That’s crazy! Come on, DNC, do you get the living web or don’t you?
Saw jjg and Rebecca Blood. Waved my book around a lot (and let Micah Sifry take off with one of my two copies because he has by far shown the most enthusiasm about the book among many people who’ve been very kind and shown a lot of interest, and because he’s about to go on vacation and told me he thinks the book would make “perfect vacation reading” [get me a blurb, Micah, and my publicist will send out a press release {Trippi agreed, in principle, to give me a blurb too and we had one of those “authors comiserating moments” when he complained that he was given very little head’s up from his publisher to get praise quotes for his take on the rise and fall of the Dean campaign, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised}]) and a lot of people thumbed through it, scanning the quotes and admiring the fine quality of the paper and the universally loved cover art.
I’m still putting together the list of people who’ve requested review copies. If you’re one of them, be sure to email me and I’ll try to accommodate as many reasonable requests as I can.






3 responses to “Who has the photos from Meze?”

  1. Pete Hopkins Avatar

    Here are some photos taken by Jason Shellen:
    Still looking for more, though.

  2. Mathew Gross Avatar

    Blogger Bash Roundup

    The resiliency of youth, eh? Leave it to Ezra Klein to be up at 8:30 am, the first to post after last night’s great Blogger Bash, hosted by the DCCC. Ezra sums up the experience for many of us: The…

  3. Micah Sifry Avatar

    I’ve just started reading The Power of Many (and trying to catch up on a week of lost sleep), and it’s as good as I hoped. Thanks, Christian! More soon…