To Ohio and beyond

There’s a new poll out for Ohio, which holds its primary on March 2nd.
Like a lot of state-primary polls right now, it puts Dean well out in front (29%) with Clark in a fairly distant second (17%). If you’re like me, you look at that, and you have to think: wow, that’s one heck of a lead. Dean’s got, like, a hundred times more support than Clark in Ohio. Give or take.
But then there’s this:
Even with all the hype for Dean and Clark as the only candidates with a real shot, Gephardt, Kerry, Lieberman, and Edwards still combine for a whopping 39%. (Mosley Braun and Sharpton are barely a blip in this state, with less than a point each right now. And I’m factoring out Kucinich’s 11% as favorite son support for the former Cleveland mayor.)
Which is all to say, roughly four out of ten Ohio-types are currently backing out-of-state candidates that the media has all but written off.
What’s it all mean? I’m not altogether sure. But count on this — at least two, and more likely three out of GKLE will be long-gone from the race before third-wave primaries like Ohio hit.
So the real questions are: (1) which if any of GKLE will be left standing? And (2) where will the other soon-to-be-ex-candidates’ supporters go? That’s what the next month is all about.