Today Lott… tomorrow DeLay!

A squad of TPM readers are outing congressfolks in the Republican caucus on how they voted on the DeLay Rule:

Quoting from Ch-ch-ch-changes

Rare is the PDF reader who doesn’t also read Josh Marshall’s TalkingPointsMemo but what’s going on there today is so interesting that I think it’s worth everyone paying close attention.

Marhall has been running a series of posts today, Nov. 18, talking about the various reactions that his readers – let’s call them “researchers” – have been getting from Republican Congressmen. The researchers are calling up and asking how the Republicans voted in yesterday’s caucus. The question on the table was wether or not a member of the House leadership should have to step down if he or she gets in legal trouble.

In other words, if Majority Leader Tom Delay is indicted for violationing Texas’ campaign laws, will he have to step down from his leadership job? Yesterday, accoring to ABC News, the answer was “no.”

Today, it’s a decided “maybe.” Why? Because if Josh Marshall and his researchers….