Blogs nudge Kerry team toward rigorous Ohio recount

As I just posted over at Personal Democracy Forum (Trippi says blogs driving Kerry camp’s interest in recount):

On MSNBC’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann has been one of the few television newshosts tracking down the issues related to counting and recounting votes and addressing potential voting irregularities (such as voter fraud and suppression), particularly in the closest states.

Without appearing in any way to contest the election, the Kerry campaign lawyers do seem to be pressing for a careful validation of the results in Ohio. A rush transcript I just received via email quotes Joe Trippi giving credit to the rumor mills of the blogosphere for keeping the recount / potential voting irregularities stories alive long enough to encourage the Kerry people to “get back into the game”:







4 responses to “Blogs nudge Kerry team toward rigorous Ohio recount”

  1. praetorian Avatar

    i think all that energy would best be aimed toward reinventing the democratic party… the election is over, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, and even if they tried, they would be opposing a popularly elected president – which is treason… in your own words – move on.

  2. Michael Z. Avatar
    Michael Z.

    In response to praetorian’s comment on 11/17/04 that opposing a popularly elected President is treason: No, it isn’t treason to oppose a popularly elected President, unless you live in a fascist state.

  3. KBL Avatar

    TREASON, are you serious? The vote was manipulated… which means that he not only didn’t win the election, but he didn’t win the majority either stoopid.

  4. Lynne Avatar

    Better to address the underlying issue that allows corrupt elections to occur in the first place: Campaign financing.
    Without addressing this, all of our future presidents will be bought and paid for before setting foot in the oval office — regardless of their party.
    The corruption begins with lobbyists. And that’s where it will have to end.