Webfeed tracking still lags

Topix.net comments on how general search engines still don’t do a good job of keeping up to date with incremental changes (most likely by scanning webfeeds) in The Daily Internet:

The kind of searches I regularly do on Feedster and Technorati just aren’t available on Google. No amount of fiddling with the advanced search options, rooting around on their labs site, or searching for obscure options will scan incremental new material from half an hour ago. Yahoo search seems to have surpassed Google with some advanced features, but they don’t have an effective reverse chronological “sort by date” either.

Here’s the summary:

The proliferation of incremental content sources, all pumping out new material on a regular basis, is what the mainstream Internet user will consume. It’s the difference between doing research or reading a magazine. At Topix.net we believe that editorial automation is necessary to manage this massive, growing content stream. Other startups like Feedster and Technorati are also focused on improving access to the incremental Internet. This is the future of audience on the net, as well as the next online advertising frontier. Rumors indicate Yahoo has something big in the works to embrace this shift, it will be interesting to see how MSN and Google respond.






2 responses to “Webfeed tracking still lags”

  1. jennifer Avatar

    I searched you on Technorati and got five hits.

  2. jennifer Avatar

    I searched you on Technorati and got five hits.