When they talk about “Bush hating” remember this

The headlines over on the drudgereport (again — can’t stand to give him a link, though I suppose — blech — I am giving him “press” by even commenting on this) currently reads “Slaughters Animals. Burns Down Tiny Village.” Who does such things? Why, according to Drudge, John Kerry. (These are those charges from the band of brothers out to drag Kerry through the mud — Drudge is sleazing these micro-charges out one by one to get maximum bang out of this book).
“Slaughters animals?”
“Burns down tiny village?”
All I’m saying is: (1) Drudge is repulsive. OK, old news, I know. And (2) when it comes to player hating, the big names on the left, even the dread Michael Moore, are (fortunately) rank amateurs.