Flipping the switch

OK, this post should bring up the new design (although a few of the links are still not active yet).






4 responses to “Flipping the switch”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    Wow, looks wonderful, xian!!

  2. Kevin Hayden Avatar

    I’m at 800×600 resolution and the right sidebar is 2/3rds obscured with the body section overlapping it.
    There’s a graphic about 80% down this page on the LEFT sidebar (is it Michael Moore?) which is mostly covered up as well.
    Feel free to delete this comment; just trying to help define where site tweaks may be needed.

  3. Kevin Hayden Avatar

    To clarify. It looks fine on this main site. But when I clicked on “POM Blog” was where the design looked wack.

  4. xian Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t extended the frontpage design to the whole blog yet, but I will. I also need to get a grip on z-layers to make sure that photos which are too wide slide under the next column and not over it.