Who you gonna trust — the pundits or your lying eyes?

There’s a simple scenario where someone-not-named-Kerry still pulls it out: come Feb 3rd, victories are shared around. For example, Kerry wins Mo., Edwards wins SC, Lieberman wins Delaware, Dean wins NM and mebbe AZ, Clark wins OK. North Dakota abstains.
That’s it. That’s all it takes.
If Dean and Edwards get past Feb 3 without Kerry running the table, this election heads into Big State country. And it’s anybody’s game.
Sure major-media’s ready to nominate the ice man (aka JFK 2). But they wanted to call the win for Dean 2 months ago. And they called the win for Bush 10 pm election night (and then for a tie and then for Gore and then for a tie and then for Bush), lo those many moons ago.
The pundits: I’m sure they’re nice people and all. But it’s not like they have a particularly impressive track record.
Why start believing them now?