Will the Hip-Hop Nation Stand Up?

I think it will.
I have been among the eldest citizens for years (though my attention has drifted lately). I have felt it was a unique dialectic of candor that would turn out to be redemptive for the United States.
The OG’s (“Original Gangstas”) of my own generation are on tour right now for the election, and I also have faith in them. But Hip=Hop’s own OG’s have been in motion too, mostly focused on voter registration, and mostly beneath the notice of the mainstream press.
A big jump in new registrants has been reported, and it may be found that Hip-Hop has been part of that. Here would be the pollsters’ “Registered, but Unlikely Voters” par excellance! Many of the voter-rolls news reports have expressed skepticism that the new registrants would actually turn out to vote. That skepticism would be ironically consistent with the indefatigable underestimation of Hip-Hop that has sustained itself undaunted year, after yaer, after year.
So now we may get to see if Hip-Hop really is in the house– espcially looking to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and to Florida–where Hip-Hop is part of a powerful cross-current in Hispanic identity right now.
I am hoping that the Hip-Hop nation is going to “represent.” As we say, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”