Blog pundits in the mix

The Wall Street Journal quoted liberally (no pun intended) from a range of prominent political weblogs in its roundup of debate reactions culled equally from television and the print press (Shaping Opinions: Early Reactions From TV, Bloggers, Newspapers).
Some examples from the newly influential Powerline and the always pithy Pandagon:

Power Line: John H. Hinderaker scored the fight as “Bush by 107-103, with no knockdowns.” But he added that “candidly, I don’t think it went that well for the president. I think Kerry helped himself tonight. He came across as a credible candidate, and he was usually on the offensive.”
Pandagon: Jesse Taylor sums up the debate this way: “George W. Bush’s policy is that he has a policy, and to oppose it is to oppose policy. John Kerry’s living in the real world.”