You heard it here first

· long story short

By the way, want to hear my new counterspin? The “yeeeagh” battle cry will, it turns out, win the election for Dean.
Has everyone seen Dean Goes Nuts? People are using the net and their talkback abilities with personal media design (paging Marc Canter, to the multicolored courtesy telephone, please) to “remix” the story and challenge the ABCBMSNBCNNFox-NewsweekTimeWarnerAOL version of reality.
I just listened to the WMD remix and it’s devastating. There’s a spontaneous Bush-in-30 seconds-y fever to the remix phenomenon. The link above is mostly Bush and administration people saying lies, with music, but when they mix in the “Yeeeeeagh” it’s amazing! If you listen you’ll see what I mean. Dean is becoming like Paul Bunyan.