Zell Miller Theory #741

In last night’s keynote speech, did you catch the way Pseudocrat Zell Miller kept saying (paraphrased) “I’m doing this for my family,” and “this is about the safety of my family,” and “I put family above party.” And then later, when he said “and the man I want to run this country is George W. Bush”? (or something equally insane)
I mean, it’s all right there, isn’t it? It’s clear as day.
George W. Bush has kidnapped Zell’s family and is holding them hostage somewhere on the White House grounds. Tonight’s speech was actually a carefully crafted piece of code — a desperate cry for help to us, his beloved fellow Democrats. (For example, “John Kerry will destroy us all” is ZigZag for “I think Cheney’s got a gun.”)
And the price Bush is asking for the Miller family’s safe return? But of course: it’s Zell’s immortal soul.






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  1. Bluebeard Avatar

    As someone wrote on a weblog out there:
    “Zell’s speech reads better in the original German.”