Zen and the art of Walker Bush

link nipped from Mark A. R. Kleiman: The Zen of Bushism:

The Zen of Bushism
Evan Eisenberg explicates Bushido: The Way of the Armchair Warrior.
Knowledge is not important. The armchair warrior strives to attain a state beyond knowledge, a state of deep, non-knowing connection to the universe: in particular, to that portion of the universe which is rich, powerful, or related to him by blood.
The unenlightened speak of “failures of intelligence.” But the armchair warrior knows that “intelligence” – the effort of the mind to observe facts, apply reason, and reach conclusions about what is true and what ought to be done – is a delusion, making the mind turn in circles like an ass hitched to a mill. The armchair warrior feels in his hara, or gut, what ought to be done. He is like a warhorse that races into battle, pulling behind him the chariot of logic and evidence. When the people see the magnificent heedlessness of his charge, they cannot help but be carried along.
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