Alternatives to Bloglet

I’ve long thought that blogs/RSS and email need to interoperate more smoothly. The problems generally revolve around text formatting issues, but there’s no good reason why one shouldn’t be able to get RSS via email easily, post to blogs via email easily, etc. In fact, Blogger offers both email input and output as a basic feature.
There’s a semiuseless Bloglet subscription bloc on this page that I don’t trust at all. Recently, Blogging Blog looked at some alternatives (Notifying Readers of Updates):

Two other tools that I like quite a bit are Bot-A-Blog and Change Detection. These are both automatic and have nice unintrusive interfaces to put on your site (in fact, Bot-A-Blog is just a button that takes the reader to their site to subscribe.) I use Bot-A-Blog on Watermark and Change Detection on Abide. Another service that I’ve often seen used is NotifyList.

Read the whole post for some practical advice.