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Bloglet is dead, long live FeedBlitz. I’m trying out a new email-subscription service on this blog. If it works right I’ll probably add it to all my blogs. It seems pretty straightforward. If you’re interested, scan down the sidebar for the section called “Subscribe to RFB” and submit your email address. Then let me know if the service works for you. (I’m subscribed too, so I’ll see whatever you see.)
I discovered FeedBlitz via the excellent Blog Starter Checklist at Life Beyond Code, which I heard about via the blog conference on the Well, from a Technorati employee, who credits big cheese Dave Sifry with the find. There are some things on the list that seem head-smackingly obvious to me now but which I have myself not bothered to do yet (such as, register my fullname as a domain and redirect it to my – in my case, primary – blog).

Huge improvement to Drupal's nav scheme

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Nick Lewis has unveiled a few tweaks to Drupal (which is also the basis for CivicSpace), which presents the navigation scheme as nested tabs across the top of the browser window instead of expanding and collapsing text links in a floating box in one of the margins.
I’ll be adopting this improvement for all my Civicspace sites as soon as I can get it working on a test site.
Meanwhile, I’m too scared to do the Civicspace 0.8.1 upgrade given the recommended process for doing so. Sheesh! This upgrade separates the men from the boys and sets me down firmly on the boys’ team.

"bookmark this" hack for del.ici.ous

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Quoting from bookmark this:

I’ve added a little bit of code to add a “Bookmark This” link on every post, next to the Comments link, which allows you to kick the user over to to the posting page. There are two pieces to this little hack.

First, you can link to with a GET argument of “url” containing the URL-encoded URL, and you can supply a title in the “title” field, similarly URL-encoded. This effectively lets you put something equivalent to’s “copy this” link somewhere offsite. The final URL should thus look like:

Second, a bit of TypePad/MT hackery: In the appropriate place (I added it right after </MTIfAllowComments>) add the following to your Main Index and Individual Archive templates:

| <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>&title=<$MTEntryTitle encode_url="1"$>">Bookmark This</a>

Finally, a replacement for bloglet

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This is what I’ve been waiting for: Rmail – subscribe to any RSS feed by e-mail

Reader John Tropea has pointed out a new RSS e-mail subscription service called Rmail.
I’ve set it up at right to replace the dysfunctional Bloglet. When you
enter your e-mail address in the box and click Subscribe, it will send
you an e-mail to confirm your subscription wish, and then each hour if
I have made changes it will send you an e-mail with the RSS version of
the changed posts. These e-mails all allow you to unsubscribe as well,
and contain a link to the original article on my home page. It seems to
work fine, but there’s not a lot of instructions, so if it looks funny
or doesn’t work for you, please let me know by e-mail. To add this
functionality to your own blog, just cut and paste the line starting
with <script on the Rmail page into your own home page template, and replace the {your feed URL goes here} with your RSS feed URL.

I just wonder how it deals with text formatting.

Alternatives to Bloglet

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I’ve long thought that blogs/RSS and email need to interoperate more smoothly. The problems generally revolve around text formatting issues, but there’s no good reason why one shouldn’t be able to get RSS via email easily, post to blogs via email easily, etc. In fact, Blogger offers both email input and output as a basic feature.
There’s a semiuseless Bloglet subscription bloc on this page that I don’t trust at all. Recently, Blogging Blog looked at some alternatives (Notifying Readers of Updates):

Two other tools that I like quite a bit are Bot-A-Blog and Change Detection. These are both automatic and have nice unintrusive interfaces to put on your site (in fact, Bot-A-Blog is just a button that takes the reader to their site to subscribe.) I use Bot-A-Blog on Watermark and Change Detection on Abide. Another service that I’ve often seen used is NotifyList.

Read the whole post for some practical advice.

Scot Hacker's MTBlogMail plugin

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My friend Scot runs a hosting service at and I’ve got a little skunkworks operation over there at
I’ve decided that I’m ging to use that domain name and server to begin with for my mailing list needs. I’ve got an list set up and soon I will offer a way for people to subscribe to all (or, later, just a subset) of my blog postings via email.
In order to make this work for me, Scot had to build a plugin, MTBlogMail.
So I’m not exactly a developer now, but more like a patron or requester or noodge of a developer.
Meanwhile, Six Apart released MT 3.1 and didn’t invite me to the party!