Alternatives to Meetup

I meant to post a link to Free Alternatives to Meetup back in September:

Meetup is a Ghost Town
I checked out the list of largest vegan meetups on and over half of the once active groups are now inactive for lack of an organizer. Meetup seems to recognize this as a problem. I have received several emails from them asking me to step up as organizer to the groups I once belonged to or organized for “just $19/month”. They are even offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Hmmm. Let me think about it. No!
I suspect some groups are staying because they don’t want to lose members in a transition or spend time setting up a new site for their group that may have fewer features. I hope they will reconsider after and launch. Collectively, they are spending thousands of dollars that could be going to much better things.
Whatever they decide, I am confident that new groups will choose to organize their local interest groups on and After they launch, I will be posting information about how you can spread the word about them, so people everywhere can get together to learn, share, organize and support one another in their local communities. With our support early on, these sites are more likely to be able to offer their valuable services to people for many years to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. Cliff Allen Avatar

    After Meetup announced their fees a number of groups came over to SureToMeet because it’s free and has all the event promotion features they needed (i.e., they didn’t need a discussion forum).
    It was sad to see so many groups just disapear because they never knew that someday they’d need to collect fees.