At loose ends

B landed safely in London and sent me email from her hosts there. I’ll call her mom and dad today to let them know she got there ok and has had a chance to rest and relax before her strenuous trip to Sicily. (Pout.)

I’ve been watching a bunch of movies that I don’t think B would want to see. I saw the new Rob Schneider movie, and it was as dumb as you might expect, but it was relatively innocent fun. There seems to be trend toward “dirty” PG and R rated movies that have sexual themes but are actually fairly childish and even harmless. Sort of just an extension of bathroom humor from what I can tell. I suppose it has to do with the infantilization or extended adolescence of American culture.

Last night I saw the 40-year-old Virgin, which surprised me by being really pretty good, despite the same type of over-the-top bawdy (almost wrote body) humor. It felt a bit funny going by myself. I am forty after all. Four women in front of me seemed to find the jokes, even the ones that B would no doubt consider “boy humor” to be very funny. Not sure if mixed company would work the same way. Then again, I think younger people are just more used to “blue” humor in general, as they tend to be more familiar with pr0n and stuff like that.

Meanwhile, I got a Bill Hicks tape (I mean disk) via Netflix. Wasn’t sure if B would be interested in him. Not sure I even want to sit through an extended show, but I keep hearing what a great comedian he was. Maybe I’ll see it the Reverend Bill is interested in watching it.

Otherwise, just trying to work through my small to-do list for the weekend (and sleep a lot): Picked up my shirts at the cleaner yesterday, need to get more coffee today. I’m doing laundry right now and doing some scanning for my brother in Greece (long story).

Been playing my uke a bunch and mean to get out my guitar practice book to put in some guitar time for the first time in months. I was going to try to do some overdubs on Xourmas’s basic tracks for Salty Dog, but my iBook is back in the shop and my powerbook’s fan drowns out everything else. I may try recording on my work PC, but it won’t be as easy as just plugging in a mic, firing up GarageBand, and recording some tracks.

I keep figuring out melodic lines, like recently I was working out Two of Us on the little uke. One nice thing about the modest level of single-note technique I’ve picked up is that if a melody is bouncing around my head, I can usually pick it out on one of my instruments, which is infinitely satisfying for some reason.

Let’s see. What else? Had coffee this morning. Will probably head down to Lakeshore soon. I’m enjoying taking it easy.

Listening to a Zero show I was at (thanks to MZ) – that’s always fun. I can remember where I was on the floor during some songs. The Rigor Mortis (a Meters) tune is bringing up unpleasant thoughts about bodies floating in Lake George. Worried about my friends from New Orleans, of course.