Basic Facts as a Wondrous Surprise

There are so many basic facts about the world that we, as grownups, take for granted, yet to a child are matters of wondrous surprise. Living here with my eight-year-old grandson Seaney has really brought that home to me. The process of opening up the wider world to him has been an inspiration and a privilege. Here is a small sample of the knowledge I have been able to pass on to him just in the past year:
— When it is daytime in the Northern Hemisphere, it is nighttime in the Southern Hemisphere.
— When birds hibernate South for the Winter, they just close their eyes, and the next thing they know, they wake up in a warmer climate hundreds of miles away.
— Most automobile accidents occur within the home.
–Three-fifths of the Earth’s population is under water.
It all makes me feel like a regular Mr. Science.



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