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  • Music will continue until morale improves

    Music will continue until morale improves

    More music coming soon!

  • Florida and Michigan–Rebels on the Run

    Leaving aside everything else about this campaign, I’d like to zero-in on whether the delegates from these two states should or should not be seated. So, I have composed this imaginary statement in the name of the Democratic National Committee: STATEMENT –Barak Obama promised not to campaign in Florida, and he kept his word. He…

  • Will There Be US Bases in Iraq?

    Absolutely not. “The U.S. ambassador…told Congress last week that the deal would not establish permanent bases in Iraq nor specify the number of forces to be stationed” there. —Washington Post, 4-15-08 This unspecified number of troops will not be housed in bases, but since they will be stationed there for an also unspecified period, the…

  • Capitalism and the Homeowner: Contempt Hidden in Plain Sight

    Marxists have long suggested that home ownership is encouraged under capitalism because when masses of people own small-scale properties, they identify with and defend large-scale capitalist ownership of true wealth in the means of production. Homeowners in America, then, are comparable to the land-owning peasantry in the Old Countries, unwitting bastions of reactionary economics. From…

  • The Obama Charisma Recoi. “Have a little faith; there’s magic in the night.”

    I wrote this in response to an article on another list, but the general attitude I responded to is common enough. It is a recoil at the sight of Barak Obama’s rallies and speeches mostly, but also his political positions. The typical terms include: platitudes, revivalist, naive, empty, credulous, cult, spell, euphoria, fervor, creepy, messianic.…

  • Life Affirming — Dorothy Paker Style

    Resume –Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren’t lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.