Bush’s Proposal: Slow Death for Social Security

· Social Security

The Washington Post spells it out — Bush’s Social Security proposal from last night’s press conference is designed to curtail Social Security for all but the poor.
On the surface, a Democrat like me might look at this new proposal and say: what gives? The President’s actually looking out for the poor over the rich. But then you have to ask: why? It’s just so…un-Bush-like.
Here’s one theory. By and large, Americans consistently oppose wealth-redistribution. If Social Security morphs into a clear cut wealth-redistribution plan, support for the program among those who get little or nothing out of it will quickly wither.
So now that Republicans have learned that Americans aren’t ready to give up on the program in 2005, how do they kill Social Security over the long-term? A little judo. Turn it into a program that, down the line, the vast majority of voters making over, say, $100K, have a reduced stake in.
It’s just a theory. Or maybe I’m being too cynical and GW really does heart the poor.