Can anyone explain to me…

…without diving into conspiracy (already got that covered — thanks…) why it might be that the election results in Iraq are getting close to zero media attention?
A week ago this was the election of the century. Anybody remember purple fingers?
I get that they must still be counting the votes, but in this 24-hour news world, how can it be that we aren’t getting nightly updates of how things are looking, when the results will be in, what the implications are?
Have we all had our memories cleaned? Or am I just missing something here…?






3 responses to “Can anyone explain to me…”

  1. girl in UK Avatar
    girl in UK

    I was starting to wonder if I was the only one thinking this!! For such a huge event, where has the press coverage gone??!!

  2. Pete Gaughan Avatar

    It would have been big news today, except that the Iraqi officials put off the final tally because they found several hundred ballot boxes in Mosul that had been stuffed.

  3. cecil vortex Avatar

    even today, I go to and there’s nothing about it on the main page. It’s downright creepy to see a story this big just…sorta…fade into soft focus. It feels a little too Philip K. Dick.