"Face time" no longer a business virtue?

former FCC chair Reed Hundt has written a mixed editorial/primer on the topics of frequency, spectrum, and licensing. The link is to a copy of the piece on the site of San Francisco radio station KCBS; I stumbled across it while trying to track down a story reported on air this morning, in which several Blackberry users said that it is “better” to e-mail someone in the next office than to get up, walk over, and talk to them.






One response to “"Face time" no longer a business virtue?”

  1. xian Avatar

    oh come now! surely this is just a case of sometimes better sometimes worse?
    btw, we have a kind of trollish review up on amazon now accusing us of being flower-children and, because we made case studies of Dean and MoveOn, wrongly included michael moore in a litany of guilt-by-association.
    it also of course ignores the rest of the book and seems at best foolish (right-wing operatives would do well to understand what did work on the left this time – plus we of course looked at republican case studies as well)