Go see Cecil next week!

Next Tuesday night (October 18th), Cecil aka Dan aka Cecil will be reading various poems and poem-like shtick at C’era Una Volta, located in the heart of The Island City (aka Alameda).
Says Dan^H^H^HCecil:

They’re even being nice enough to provide free appetizers, for reasons I can’t quite figure out. So maybe I just dreamt that.
Starts at 7. I think it’ll be wrapped by 8:30 or so. John Wright, a good pal of mine and an outstanding musician, will start the night off with some fab guitar.
If it happens to fit in with your schedule, we would love to see ya there. I will say this: if you’re only going to hear me read poetry once in your life, this is probably the best time to do it. Because they’ll have free appetizers.
Unless I dreamt that.
– Dan (aka Cecil [aka Dan] )

Date and time: Tuesday, October 18th, 7 pm
Place: C’era Una Volta
Address: 1332 Park St., Alameda (510.769.4828)
Admission: Free as the day is long. And the day is long.