Good TV blogs?

A friend of mine who works at a cable network tells me they are considering having some of their reality-show characters start blogging, and he asked me if I knew of any good TV blogs. Not in the sense of TV Squad but in the sense of tied to a specific show.
I couldn’t think of any, and I warned him against the “Captain Morgan effect.”
So, are there any good TV blogs? Blogs tied to TV shows? Do the characters on the OC blog? Or better yet, do actors, directors, producers, or assistants blog about any TV shows?
Suggestions welcome. Please leave a comment.






6 responses to “Good TV blogs?”

  1. Sean Avatar

    For dedicated viewers of “Crossing Jordan” the NigelBlog isn’t too bad; a little cheesy but has been mentioned in the show as well as receiving press coverage.

  2. Leo Avatar

    Captain Morgan effect?

  3. ej Avatar

    A site all about whats good on tv and news about new, old, and present shows. Plus info on dvd releases

  4. Eric Bustamante Avatar

    Searching for such a weblog has lead to very little success. So, as an avid fan of TV, I decided to start up my own TV Blog. Head on over to and see whats going on. It is still fresh but I hope people catch on to it!

  5. Dave Avatar

    Has anybody seen this new cable channel WealthTV?
    It has some cool show on it, I like Karma Trekkers. CIO.

  6. jj Avatar

    My fave new blog is Give Me My Remote ( They had breaking tv news, but they also landed some cool interviews with the cast of The Office & Veronica Mars.