Harriet Miers, fashion froward?

· Hellmouth

My first glimpse of the latest nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court on the afternoon news revealed not just your usual power-suited Washington insider. First, the suit was a serene royal blue, not screaming patriotic red. Beneath the suit jacket, nominee Miers sported a demure “high-collared” silk blouse, also in royal blue. Could this be a fashion nod to exiting Supreme Sandra Day O’Connor’s “founding fathers” style ruched collar and cravat? Or is it hinting at strictly clerical leanings? The usual American flag pin hung on her left jacket lapel as well as some undistinguished piece of costume jewelry on the right shoulder. But my eye caught something new in neckware for the Washington power set – a dangling silver cross-on-a-chain. Prominently displayed, this wasn’t your demure gold Catholic-school girl choker. But neither was it large or gothic enough to be retro-Punk. Call it Conspicuously Devout, could Miers’ crafty accouterment be a clue to the true fashion tilt of the newest Supreme Court hopeful?