I admit it

It amuses me that conservatives are just now beginning to notice how totally they’ve been played by Dear Leader.
In fact, this thread a RedState is totally making my day. A few choice excerpts:

We’re disgusted By: SpectatorGirl
Bush lied to us. Let Kos cheer.
The post below should not get lost, that her name was on a list of acceptables supplied by the Democrats.
Bush is a gutless, abortionist liar. I spit on him. Seriously.

and this

Bush did lie to us, and now that I know he is capable of such blatant lying, I am distraught.
Now we have to seriously wonder if the Democrats were right all along. Did we go to war for oil? Was it payback for daddy?

and and this

Will never give another dollar to Republicans By: captain
we have 55 republican senators.
could have picked a real conservative.
instead, he picks a 60-year-old woman who’s never been married and has never had kids. are we really to believe that she’ll vote to overturn roe?
are we to believe that this woman hasn’t had sex outside of marriage over the past several decades? and if she has, hasn’t she been counting on the right to abortion just as other career-oriented women do?
bush has betrayed us. i will never again contribute to the republican party.