How the War Has to Compete with the War-Profiteers

Especially when it’s only mere Iraqis who die.
From the NYT
Lack of Armor Proves Deadly for Iraqi Army
“The Iraqis put quite a few more people in their trucks, and those trucks aren’t armored,” Major Warren said. “No armor plus more people in the truck equals a substantially higher casualty rate.”
The Army unit in charge of equipping and training the Iraqis, the Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq, said it was trying to replace much of the Iraqi fleet with new armored trucks.
But it has largely restricted its shopping to American companies that are still swamped by orders for American troops. The unit’s biggest initiative, to give the Iraqis 1,500 armored Humvees, will not begin until December, and most will not be built until next summer, military and company officials said.
The Pentagon still has only one contractor in Ohio armoring the Humvees, and a backlog of orders for American troops that dates to the early months of the war has forced the Iraqi troops to the end of the line.



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