How to sit in the peanut gallery for tonight's State of the Union

· The Power of Many

Personal Democracy Forum is hosting a State of the Union BackChannel Chat, Tonight:

We will be using “A Really Simple Chat” (ARSC), the simplest way we know of to do group chats. Unlike other chat tools, ARSC is a program that lets anybody with a Web browser — any browser — join in a discussion and see what other members of the group are typing.
To join in, anytime after 8:30pm (Eastern) go to, pick a nickname for yourself, and enter any password you like. It’s easy to add your own message; simply type it and hit “enter” to send your message to the group.

Participants are asked to identify their party sympathies in order to maintain a strife-free discussion:

You will see a choice of three chats to enter: “Democratic-leaning,” “Republican-leaning” and “Free for all.” We’ve created those three rooms to allow people to self-select what kind of conversation they’d like to be part of. Please respect the other participants in the room; disruptive or obscene posters will not be tolerated.

Random tangent: The United States Constitution tolerates political parties the way a prison warden tolerates race-based gangs.