How would you tag yourself?

The Blog Blog answers Jeff Jarvis’s question (“How would you tag yourself?”):

That’s a tough question. So far all I can up with is watches TV, seems sort of high, A Jewish Lexington Steele, hungry, snowflake (I used to teach high school in Brooklyn), and Gina’s husband… But in the new world, I guess I had better tag myself before my shrink does it for me.

what’s the technorati syntax for tagging this post as related to ? …also, do i keep using categories and add technorati tags …and and where do delicious and flickr fit in? …and …and …and finally, note the decay in value as i failed to link to splendora.






One response to “How would you tag yourself?”

  1. Ted Avatar

    William Gibson, in Idoru, talked about us all having our own personal icon(s)to identify us on the Web. Maybe tags will come with icons.