I gada be me

Chris Pirillo and his Lockergnome cohorts launch yet another social meta crawler-y tag search engine site. This one’s called gada.be. I first looked at it a week or so ago when Chris was showing it around in beta. I guess it’s still in beta. So was that alpha? Pre-launch stealth beta? Whatever.
The main cleverness thing seemed to be its handheld friendliness, from the easy-to-tap url to the way a search is coded as a subhost of the gada.be url. The thing also eats and excretes RSS and OPML, so it’s jiggy like that.
I haven’t really plumbed the depths though, so I’m mostly going on faith here that when Chris puts his energy into something it’s usually fairly cool, at least until the bills come due…. (kidding).
Update: One skeptic currently commenting over on Pirillo’s blog suggests that the page results are going to look and behave like pay-per-click page spammers, because of their unique URLs. The advice is to have a robots.txt file block bots from the search engine results page. This is probably a good idea, assuming the goal isn’t to “have thousands of ‘sites’ with scraped content and text ads.”






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    Gada.be – Social Metasearch Service

    Chris Pirillo and his Lockergnome buddies have launched a new metasearch engine which is getting some buzz in the blogosphere. Gade.be has some pretty unique features, including the ability to conduct and filter searches by editing the domain name. …

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    Every one of the outbound links is rel=”nofollow”‘ed. ;)