Immaculately Conceived Torture

Immaculate Conception is different from the Virgin Birth. Mary gave birth as a virgin, which precluded Original Sin from being transmitted from Joseph. But what about Original Sin being transmitted from Mary?
Well, Mary, though not herself the offspring of a Virgin Birth, was also free from sin, because she was produced by Immaculate Conception. In the Virgin Birth, there was not even the potential of sin. In the Immaculate Conception, there was the potential of sin, but it was stayed by a the Hand of God from becoming actual.
This then brings us to the miraculous power over the Sin of Torture that can be conferred by the Divine Hand of Bush. In his capacity of Commander-in-Chief in Wartime (you can’t say this stuff without a whole lot of capital letters), Bush is able to stay potential sin–the sin of violating the Geneva Conventions and US law against torture–from being actualized in himself and in those under his authority.
Now the question has arisen: Does the miracle of Bush’s Hand extend to the Iraqi government and its ministries? Our diplomats have pronounced a resounding No to that. The United States is unalterably opposed to torture conducted by other nations.
Prior to the transfer of Sovereignty, that would have been different, of course. But when Sovereignty was restored to Iraq, the Bush Torture Immunity was apparently cut off.
The Iraq Interior Ministry, seems to have been confused on two counts:
–They did not fully appreciate the completeness of their ascension to sovereignty, because their country remains under occupation by American forces. This confusion can only be increased by the announced investigation of torture charges by the FBI, America’s domestic Federal law-enforcement agency. Why does the US have any special rights or responsibilities over the sovereign actions of this independent country?
–The Bush administration has never made it clear whether this inherent power of the Commander-in-Chief in Wartime applies to the Commanders-in-Chief of all countries, or only to the Commander-in-Chief of the United States (a flagrant example of what used to be known as “American Exceptionalism.” See also “Manifest Destiny.”)



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