Iraqi elections are a good thing

That should go without saying. Opposing the war, thinking the opportunity costs weren’t weighed properly, despairing of U.S. leadership – none of that constitutes opposition to democratic elections. While I may have my doubts and pessimism about the entire operation and I may worry about how it will all come out, I don’t see any reason to detract from today’s election.
Corporate libertarian values liberal Jeff Jarvis takes the anti-war bloggers to task for their pessimism about the election. In the overall context of Bush-era mendacity and geopolitical spasms, I think it’s understandable to have doubts or to be wary about cheerleading for anything with the fingerprints of this administration on it. But to me it’s like being glad Saddam is out of power. I may argue about whether the cost was worth it (see previous post) but you can’t make me say it’s a bad thing in and of itself.






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    hear hear!