Kottke at the mercy of his readers

· Nanopublishing

Jason Kottke, one of the best-loved personal bloggers, has quit his job and is soliciting donations from readers so he can pursue his dream, Doing kottke.org as a full-time job.
It should be interesting to see whether his very large audience contains enough supporters to enable him to make a go of it.
I’m not sure this “business model,” this way of leveraging “the many” would work for anyone who isn’t over at the left side of the power-law curve, but it’s still fascinating, if only for what it says about Kottke’s desire to put his blogging on the front burner and dignify with his full attention.
Update (via Waxy): over at Ask Metafilter, they’re talking about what they’d be willing to pay, if anything, for various weblogs.