Lazyweb: I wants my Podcast Guide

Dave sez

Dave: “Open the pod bay doors please, Hal.”

and it gets me thinking. Where is TV Guide for podcasting?
Lazyweb: please cause there to be an excellent blog or wiki or folksonomically smart taglicious place online I can consult to help me filter which podcasts I might like to hear (so far I’ve never listened to one).
In theory, in a distributed way, my feed subscriptions are already doing that for me, but podcasting is so fresh that it would benefit from aggressive sifting and ways for people to champion or promote there casts.
Isn’t there a huge opening there for something with the focus of Matt Haughey’s PVR blog and the beat-coverage of pick-your-favorite Denton franchise?






2 responses to “Lazyweb: I wants my Podcast Guide”

  1. Charlie Quidnunc Avatar

    Try the Podcast Bunker. He has 30 second samples of a carefully selected set of podcasters. It’s a start. .
    Or there’s the New, New Podcast Review at .
    Or try Gigadial.
    Create a station, and tell everyone to add podcasts to it, and then go and listen to the results. Only ask the people you trust to add to it, or leave it open to the public and see what you get.
    Or try mine.,,,

  2. Tom McCarthy Avatar
    Tom McCarthy

    I own the “” URL, with the full intention of making the TV Guide of podcasts. I got it early last year, when Adam was just getting started.
    I had/have a grand plan of merging a couple of different website concepts to make the ultimate guide, but I have one eensy problem, I don’t know jack about websites or how to make them.
    I’ve posted “help me” messages on a few user groups with no luck. If anyone want’s to dialog about my ideas, I’d be happy to share and get this thing started…