Listening to women

Today has been a good exercise in trying to shut up and listen, although I have slipped from time to time and shouted or out or insisted on being heard. Still, for the most part today I’ve been listening and learning.
This has to be the best blog conference I’ve been to yet. The range of topics covered has been wide and rich. In many ways (of course) women bloggers care and talk about the same things that men bloggers (and bloggers in general) think about, but there are subtle differences that i can’t quite put my finger on: A different style of dialogue, a reshuffling of the “usual” priorities, a unique subset of concerns.
I think more conferences should be organized this way. I haven’t felt unwelcome and I’m glad that women have set the agenda. The benefit to women bloggers is palpable – women’s voices are amplified here. But the benefit to everyone seems equally clear.