Brownbloggers west

“Nobody really talks about antiracism, especially in the blogosphere.” – Marian Douglas

I remember that my favorite session at SXSW this year was Blogging While Black. Today, not surprisingly, I’m finding the “brownbloggers” session to be again one of the best. There also appears to be much better, much stronger nonwhite representation here (as compared with SXSW).
Note to self: check out the Coming out Colored and Brainbytes websites.






5 responses to “Brownbloggers west”

  1. The Noon Avatar

    Mi amigo, yo tengo que admit I’ve scanned the photos posted thus far to see if I see you! Bueno, who else do I know would be there? Hummm, I wish you were up on stage, actually!

  2. The Noon Avatar

    Check out “No Time to Say ‘Cheese’” here:–?p=207

  3. renegade Avatar

    yeah, that was a good one. lots of great discussion. it brought up alot of stuff for me.

  4. brainy Avatar

    Hi Xian,
    Guess I didn’t actually meet you personally at blogher … but just wanted to correct the brainbytes URL – as, and if you are a guy, sorry that i couldn’t include you in the
    ‘blogher: where the boys are’ interviews. But you can always add it online on brainbytes or on Dan Gillmor’s