Malevolent Design

Proponents of Intelligent Design argue that it is just an alternative theory that open minds will agree should be taught as a possibility alongside Darwinian evolution.
Another alternative theory that merits such treatment is Malevolent Design. Though still in its infancy, Malevolent Design has a strong scientific advantage, because it is a testable hypothesis that predicts species change can be significantly affected by Devil Worship.
Thus one subspecies of fruit flies could be subjected to a documented quantity of Devil worship aimed at a particular outcome, while another subspecies, not subjected to Devil worship, can serve as an experimental control. Does the predicted outcome show up as a statistically significant difference under the two experimental conditions?
American high school students would benefit from being exposed to all three possibilities Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and Devil Worship. And Devil Worship easily lends itself to becoming a really fun class science project–the kind of openness that Intelligent Design advocates would heartily welcome.



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