Principles of social networking

The always-insightful How to Save the World blog by Dave Pollard (repeatedly misnamed in my book as “How to Change the World” for I don’t know what reason – brain damage, most likely) recently published an entry abstracting seven principles of social networking.
It’s one of Dave’s shorter posts, too, so don’t be afraid to click through!
Here’s the short form of the seven principles (but definitely read the explanations to fully grok the big picture):

  1. Social Relationships Must Meet Four Preconditions (mutual trust, respect, context, and self-disclosure)
  2. Relationships Require a Conversational Ice-Breaking
  3. First Impressions Matter
  4. Information Conveyed by Observation Counts More Than That Conveyed by Language
  5. Collaboration is the Miracle Glue of Relationships
  6. Every Interaction Carries the Burden of Our Entire Networks
  7. Social Networks are Complex Systems

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One response to “Principles of social networking”

  1. The Noon Avatar

    Numerous idealists set out to “change” the world, few, except the fictitious Superman & Captain Kirk, set out to “save” it — so, the name by which you referred to Pollard’s blog is more plausible — no one can save the world w/o changing it!