Putting people first in technology

Quoting from How to interest more girls in tech careers at Misbehaving:

Jacquelynne Eccles, a University of Michigan psychologist, says that girls steer away from careers in math, science and engineering because they view them as solitary pursuits: “In order to increase the number of women in science, we also need to make young women more interested in these fields, and that means making them aware that science is a social endeavor that involves working with and helping people.”

See: Why Women Shy Away from Careers in Science and Math (via Mind Hacks)

Frankly, we all benefit if technology is viewed as a social, people-centric pursuit and not just another expression of the lone-genius slash auteur slash mad-scientist meme.






One response to “Putting people first in technology”

  1. Armand Rousso Avatar

    Most definitely, there is a distinct absence of girls in work areas which involve science and technology.
    It’s time we infuse their minds with the thoughts that create responsibility and bring them to feel that all the innovations of the world are not just the man’s for the taking. They too should rise and serve this social cause because they are equally, and i would say, more capable to bring the best to the world.
    Armand Rousso