Search engine re-optimization

I like this idea. We can fight fire with fire by helping to point comment-spam favorite phrases like online poker to innocuous pages (in this case the entry at wikipedia) rather than to the v!agra-ific spammy pages the comment spammers are trying to raise the pagerank of through polluting our blogs.
Semi-related: I understand why Jonas Luster wants to be careful about calling spam spam and not necessarily identifying the search engine optimization (SEO) rigging that photomatt was doing with the WordPress homepage as spam, but I also understand why the word is likely to pivot in meaning to include misleading SEO schemes, since so many of them involve spam (such as comment- and ping-spamming) especially in the blogiverse.
If you don’t know what the first paragraph is about, consider yourself fortunate (or drop by Slashdot for the deets).
If you don’t know what the second paragraph is about, just google “WordPress” and “HotNacho” or visit the Waxy page that broke the story.