Sierra Summit 2005

I’ll be speaking at the Sierra Summit on Saturday afternoon from 11:30 to 12:30 PM, on a panel in the Working Smart sequence called “Technology and Organizing: A Civics Laboratory.”
The panel features Joan Blades from MoveOn and Zack Rosen from Civicspace as well as myself, so we should have a lively conversation and be able to range widely while keeping things tied down to concrete, practical advice. We’ll be up against the ubiquitous George Lakoff so the pressure will be on to keep it lively and to frame our metaphors carefully.






One response to “Sierra Summit 2005”

  1. philippe boucher Avatar

    Hi Christian! Maybe this conference deserves more than a half hour on saturday about the new media?
    I was wondering about using this opportunity to have the blogers in attendance (if there are any) to meet.
    I also suggested to the organizers a hands on workshop for people willing to learn about blogging and podcasting by doing it during the conference.
    What do you think?
    Is there any plan to record your session for a podcast?