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OK, so you’re down with blogging? Great? What’s your wiki strategy? Blogs are great because logging, chronological entry-making, suits the temporal rhythms of the web, a medium more like music than, say, photography. Like a river, the web is always changing.
So a wiki is kind of like a dam that enables you to accumulate “water” in a lake. The collaborative nature of wiki complements the temporal nature of logging. The philosophy of reader-edited pages is in tune with the immediacy of the web. The various wiki syntaxes represent another hack at taking the HTML out of the writing the web.
Bits and pieces of these concepts, judiciously melded, suit different environments. Of course you don’t want j. random public editing your company’s intranet. Wikis can have authentication and privileged users, etc. The question is how to bring these advantages into your enterprise to maximize the benefits while minimizing the harmful aspects of disruption.

Quoting from Year of the Enterprise Wiki (Ross Mayfield)

Jon Udell calls 2004 The Year of the Enterprise Wiki, or at least when Enterprise Wiki stopped sounding like an oxymoron. I happen to think this year is the big one, but that’s my job. Jon looks to the future:

As the Wiki phenomenon enters its second decade, it’s hard to predict just how the technology will evolve. Two things seem certain: Wiki culture will continue to thrive, and enterprise users will continue to seek lighter, easier collaboration tools.

Jon also discovers the marriage of wikis and folksonomy. Socialtext has been tagging since early 2003, before Flickr and took it in great directions, we just call them categories.






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  1. paul steven Avatar

    Will someone, in terms for dummies, especially those of us new to the net please tell us, or at least me, what the hell is a blog? I mean are they written commentary on different subjects posted on personal or “open” web-sites that contain links to other web-sites and info to back up their opinions? Is that what a “Blog” is? Is it something entirely different and I wonder if we are building a new “Tower of Babel” Did I just make a blog? Someone out there, in
    cyberspace, please send me a clear answer to what a BLOG IS?!!