Text messages from Jazz Fest

Cell phones help people locate each other at spread out entertainment events like the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (the first weekend of which I just attended for the tenth or eleventh time in the last thirteen or so years), but it can be hard to hear what someone is saying into your phone with a loud electric guitar or amplified saxophone or gospel singer’s voice in the background.
This year, for the first time, I ended up sending and receiving a lot of text messages from friends looking for recommendations or telling me where they’d be next.
Here are some of the incoming messages

G'morning we're in jazz tent. U? Hot pix 2day?
Sure - meet @ the meters
Bye - please bring chair tomorrow
Hi - danza quartet - econ - seats 4 u in middle
G love - avoid!
Food - then sacred steel
Talking is so 1999 - mebbe see u in the blues tnt
I am sitting middle-rght 3rd row Vappie
Caught some of irvin mayfield - wow great - now
hanging in jass tent

…and here’s a sampling of the messages I sent:

Not sure possibly lagniappe
Heading to economy hall now
We s still in contemporary crafts but in theory s
headed to Congo Sq now
pix include New Leviathan  charles teony   fishbone
ellis marsalis   deacon jon
and the Original METERS reunion !
Ok now we are at the jazz and heritage stage watching
Charles Teony of Recife Brazil. But soon we are
going to Economy Hall for Leviathan.
We're getting refreshments and then probably deacon
john buddy guy the meters
After meters what?
Ok how we rendezvous there?
We are out on the track roughly between the jester
flag and the red black and yellow flag divided in
quarters with two maltese crosses, near the stage
I wanna hear everybody out there say Zigaboo!






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  1. Cecil Vortex Avatar

    I enjoy your site! Great stuff here. Will come back often.
    -Cecil Vortex

  2. Frances M. Avatar

    And the Blog Creativity Award goes to….
    Power of Many!