This doesn't surprise me

Quoting from More Alan Furst Blogging:

More Alan Furst blogging, this time from Unqualified Offerings:

Unqualified Offerings: Henry Farrell got me into a to-do for novelist Alan Furst at GWU this evening. The food was fabulous and the author did not disappoint. Controversial GWU President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg did the introduction, and it was good – the kind of informed appreciation a writer can get, if lucky, from a very smart fan. See previous Furst-blogging on this site and current Furst-blogging from Brad DeLong. Furst read a few pages from The Foreign Correspondent, which will be out in time for Father’s Day – 2006. I have to say, the excerpt completely hooked me…

Now excuse me while I turn green with envy.

If anything I’d expect to see more discussion of Alan Furst in blogs. He’s an incredible writer and as good as Patrick O’Brian is at conjuring up a different time in all its nuances. Now that I’ve read all his books I’m always impatient for the next one, and other supposedly similar writers out there (not naming any names) don’t quite scratch the same itch.