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  • An essential guide to fostering online community

    Building Social Web Applicationsby Gavin BellO’Reilly (October, 2009) Gavin Bell draws on his extensive experience to offer a well structured guide to adding community elements to a website or application. His book will help any professional planning a social strategy, designing a set of social features, determining the types of relationships to foster among users, […]

  • Richard Fleming's Walking to Guantanamo: A closely observed true thing

    Walking to Guantanamoby Richard FlemingCommons (Oct 1, 2008) I loved this book from start to finish. Fleming is a charming and self-deprecating travel companion: the best kind. His pictorial eye strives to transmit clear, unfiltered images and as his readers we make up our own minds about the pros of cons of hitchhiking across Cuba. […]

  • When it comes to thinking, bigger really is better

    Michael Port, author of a number of bestselling sales-guru business books, has now come out with a pocket volume called The Think Big Manifesto: Think You Can’t Change Your Life (and the World?) Think Again. I like the arresting graphic design of the book (a publicist sent me an advance copy) but was somewhat wary […]

  • Invincibility overrated

    Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman My review rating: 4 of 5 starsSomething Jonathan Lethem might have cooked up after watching all three seasons of the Venture Brothers while perusing the Watchmen graphic novel. I enjoyed it! View all my reviews.

  • I'm interviewing Nicholas Meriwether

    Over on the Well, in the public Inkwell topic, I’m interviewing my pal Nick Meriwether about his new book, All Graceful Instruments: The Contexts of the Grateful Dead, a scholarly work looking at the Dead phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. You can submit questions to this interview by mailing them to inkwell AT well […]

  • This doesn't surprise me

    Quoting from More Alan Furst Blogging: More Alan Furst blogging, this time from Unqualified Offerings: Unqualified Offerings: Henry Farrell got me into a to-do for novelist Alan Furst at GWU this evening. The food was fabulous and the author did not disappoint. Controversial GWU President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg did the introduction, and it was good […]