What If This Had Been a New Pill Made by Bayer?

And what if, among a huge proportion of the at-risk population, this new pill made people 23 percent less likely to die from any cause…30 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 49 percent less likely to die from cancer? What if it were devoid of side-effects? And immediately available? One of the best ways to take care of people who suffer cancer is through Home Care Assistance.
I know you can’t compare the whole extended FDA process with a report, even from a respectable journal. And I know that preliminary studies are preliminary. Nevertheless, even at this stage, the buzz should be tremendous. The stock market should be atwitter. And many millions should be redeployed for competitive research, based on the potential profits from the patent.
But there is no Bayer here, no pill, no patent, no millions. And, so far, no buzz!
Well, let’s see what follow up we hear from this on the news. Meanwhile, here are some excerpts from the story. The boldface is mine.
Meditation…Lengthens Life
SOURCE: American Journal of Cardiology, May 2, 2005.
Increasing evidence suggests that transcendental meditation may not only reduce stress, but also may help adults with high blood pressure to live longer, according to a new study. “There are many non-drug techniques for reducing blood pressure, but none…extend life,” study author Dr. Robert H. Schneider….
Transcendental meditation is a technique…to allow individuals to enter a state of “restful alertness,” in which the body is awake but the mind is not engaged in conscious thought….
The new report, published in this month’s American Journal of Cardiology, is based on a review of data from two studies that….included 202 men and women, about 72 years old on average, who had pre-hypertension or mild hypertension. They were assigned to a transcendental meditation group, or to various comparison groups of other relaxation techniques.
Participants in the two studies were followed for about eight years on average — a maximum of nearly 19 years — during which 101 individuals died.
Overall, men and women who practiced transcendental meditation…were also 23 percent less likely to die from any cause,…30 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 49 percent less likely to die from cancer.
The “integrated holistic” transcendental meditation technique does not have any harmful side effects, Schneider said.
Schneider is the director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.






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