Why I don’t give a shit about Laura Bush’s jokes

Quoting from Attytood: W.’s “runaway bride” and the ‘gotcha’ story that wasn’t gotten:

Laura Bush telling a scripted joke isn’t news anymore than is a troubled woman walking out on a wedding and panicking. There’s one striking thing we didn’t see on all the First Lady video overkill, and that was any of the guffawing journalists — that pack of predators — bolting from their fancy tables to cover a big breaking news story.
Because there was one. Oh, yeah. Didn’t you hear? The president lied to the American people. He started a war on false pretenses, and more than 1,500 Americans — and an untold number of Iraqis — died.
Well, OK, you sort of knew that already, didn’t you? But there wasn’t a smoking gun…until now. The Times of London got hold of the secret memo from Tony Blair’s pre-war deliberations that show that in the summer of 2002 – months before the Colin Powell charade at the UN – that Bush had decided to invade Iraq … he just hadn’t decided why. The story broke right around the time that Laura Bush was telling a joke about her husband jerking off a horse.

Pardon my French.






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    David Kolodney

    Outrageous! This should be “Pardonez my French.”