Wildbit report on online social networks

Chris Nagele from Wildbit gave me a head’s up about a 35-page report on social networks his company is offering for download as an Acrobat file free of charge: Social Networks Report
He says

My company, Wildbit, is currently working on a social network and community web site. Part of the research to understand and prototype the design
involved researching current social networks and defining the key attributes. The result is a 35 page report on the topic. Since you are a leader in the industry I was hoping to get your thoughts on the report.

I’ve read the report but to be honest I’ve been too busy to give it the kind of careful attention that would enable me to share any insights. Then again, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to quote myself being referred to as “a leader in the industry” – heh.
If you read the report and send feedback to Tidbit, let me know or post a comment here as well.